Fast, very fast.

Native applications and embedded data at the terminals provide very responsive order taking and sales management.


The offline work allows to operate with the application without internet, without wifi, without 3G or 4G, the only thing that you need is battery and sends the orders to the central when you want (and also have internet connection at that time).


Available for iOS (iPhone / iPad) or Android, iGes fits your smartphone, phablet or tablet and any screen size.

Multi-sectoral approach

Cosmetics, distribution of beverages, food, ice cream, coffees, fashion products, hygiene products, hardware stores, SAT, Vending, etc …


We connect with dozens of billing / ERP programs, and you can also do it with yours.


Configurable menu sections, Individual profiles for each device to hide / block / force any of the fields of the application and access more than 80 permissions so that iGes adapts to the maximum to your particularities and way of selling.


Geolocation of customers and monitoring of commercial actions by GPS.

Print by the way

Support for more than 30 professional portable printers (Bluetooth and Wifi), in addition to the conventional ones.

Manage your Budgets, orders, delivery notes or invoices.

Your product catalog always with you: photos, PDFs, technical documents, videos …, well organized by families, subfamilies or brands.

Tracking of commercial routes designed from the tablet or from your ERP.

Multiple rates, discounts, promotions, traceability, sizes, colors, TER, green dot …

All the information of your clients in your pocket: visits, conditions and special sale prices, consumption, control of risks, management of pending charges, etc.

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