What We Do in ADZGI

At ADZgi we have specialized in creating applications and services that help manufacturers and wholesalers sell their products to retail customers.
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Since 1996, creating value for wholesale and retail commercial distribution
ADZgi is founded as a computer services company in general, offering small and medium-sized distribution companies software, hardware, training, networks, etc. products.

21 years of professional experience endorses us

Here We Go!

ADZgi begins its career as a computer services company in general, offering companies software products, hardware, training, networks, etc.

You Asked, We listened: a new app is coming

In response to the demand of some of our customers, a pre-sale application (iGes embryo) is developed for terminals with Microsoft Pocket PC and Windows CE, which connects exclusively with our billing program.

iGes First Beta

The first public beta of iGes (then called Vega), adapted for Windows Mobile.

Opening iGes

IGes opens to connect with any market management program, and the first version of iGes / iGesPC for Windows Mobile appears.

Hello Google Play

We are going to Android. The small application Inventory for the manufacture of warehouse inventories, makes its appearance in the Google store, formerly known Android Market.

Introducing iGes for Android

New devices, new operating systems. Introducing iGes for Android.

Unveiling iGes for iOS

iPhone/iPad has entered the business and it was necessary to adapt to new business segment. iGes published in the iOS App Store.


zReports is a new report generator that lets you create / modify reports easily / selling formats iGes (we have finiquitat old HTML reports)

Introducing Cloud iGes

iGes Cloud: iGesPC goes to cloud (you do not need to install any module in your computer)

The best is yet to come

We are working to adapt our applications to the latest technologies. The best is yet to come.

Some of our clients

They rely on ADZgi technology to sell their products. Full Client list >