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iGes – Android 1.85 (August 2018)


  • The customer search engine, also searches for NIF and by telephone.
  • New PDF reports adapted to the width of the thermal printers that allow PDF printing (20, 30 and 40 columns)
  • Methods of Collection and Expenses types are now customizable from the ERP (iGesPC / CL).
  • New fields CodigoDelegacion y CodigoGrupoClientes ein the PreciosMinimos table.
  • New field email to the Ddelegaciones table to facilitate the sending of sales documents to emails other than the central one.
  • New PDF reports for the Forms of Customers, Products, Visits and Expenses. It is possible to modify, adapt and add reports to each category thanks to our zReports report design program.
  • When introducing the Initial Loading of warehouse, it is possible to add the units of the products by packaging (if the product is configured to do so).
  • Possibility of configuring the VAT Regime of a sales document according to the series of the selected document.
  • The Type of Line field is added to the text masks (TXT) of the sales documents.
  • In multi-enterprise installations, it is possible to use different configuration files of iGes (igesini.ini) specific to each company.
  • Now it is possible to transfer the data from the Routes configured from iGes to the ERP (iGesPC / CL).
  • The presentation of the product given to the selection of the promotions has been improved, to facilitate the selection. (The product given appears on a specific line under the promotion.1.81i

Bug fixes:

  • When adding a new order, delivery note or invoice from the corresponding section of the menu, the document was saved correctly but it did not appear on the list until after closing and reopening the window.
  • The preference "Open the visit form at the end of the sale," did not work, and the visit tab was not opened.

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