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iGes – Android 1.86 (7-12-2018)


  • New configuration parameter of the application: Character separator of thousands, which allows to indicate the character that the user wishes to use for the separation of the thousands in the numerical amounts, independently of the one indicated by the system. The possible values are:
    • Point (.)
    • Comma (,)
    • Blank space ( )
    • None (the amounts will appear without separating thousands)
    • By default, this field takes the system value that is determined by the language. 1.85f
  • It is now possible to sign the sales documents from the preview screen, without having to edit the document. If the document is blocked, ask the user if they want to unblock it, also avoiding the need to edit it, to unlock it. ENTERPRISE 1.85d
  • Until now, it was only possible to block the introduction of products without existences for all sales documents. Now it is possible to block it specifically for each type (orders, delivery notes or invoices). Contact the ADZ SAT for more information.1.85a
  • In the calculation of the VAT and Surcharge quota of each sales line, the possibility of rounding the result to a certain number of decimals is added, in order to be able to make compatible iGes with the different ERP's with which it connects. Contact ADZ technical assistance service for more information.1.85e
    Sales cancellation. iGes allows you to control (in iGesPC / iGesCL configuration options) the elimination of sales documents in two cases, when one of the two permissions is checked:

    • Block the modification of sales once introduced (it will be necessary to correct it with an amending document or credit card)
    • Block the modification of sales documents issued by the printer
    • Documents that meet any of the two conditions above can not be deleted. In this case, if the new configuration option "Enable cancellation of sales documents" is enabled, in the menu corresponding to the screen of preview of the document, in the place of the option "Delete", the option "Cancel sale" will appear, which, after confirmation, performs the cancellation of the sale, eliminating all the lines and the amounts of the sale, changing the status of the sale to "Canceled". When sending data to the ERP, this sale is also sent, being able to treat it from the connector as it is convenient. ENTERPRISE 1.85f
  • The translation of the application into Greek is updated and improved.1.85d
  • The GPS tracking file will be encoded in Unicode, in order to make it compatible with other alphabets such as Greek.

Bug fixes:

  • The configuration option In the SALES circuit, when leaving the entry of the Order / Delivery Note / Invoice, automatically open the Visits tab to enter the result of the visit, it did not work.1.85a
  • The Settlement Report was corrected, which did not correctly group the records.1.85b
  • The reading of a product by barcode from the sales line form did not work correctly.1.85c
  • Printing sales documents for DATECS printers, the signatures of the documents were outside the margins.1.85c
  • In the Loading and Unloading of the warehouse, a problem that prevented adding products with the barcode reader is fixed.1.85d
  • The search for clients is corrected in order to search for clients with numbers digits whitin the Commercial Name, and to search for them by that number (magnifying glass).1.85d
  • In the search through the magnifying glass of clients, products ... if a simple apostrophe was typed, an error would appear and the program would crash.1.85d
  • Fixed a problem with the "Text only" STAR or citizen printers, which prevented the printing of non-Latin characters, such as those of the Greek alphabet.1.85e
  • When duplicating or transferring a sales document, if the original was "Issued" the new one also remained as "Issued". Now it remains as "Not issued".1.85e
  • Viewing products in one of the catalog modes, the products that were assigned more than one bar code could appear duplicated.1.86
  • In the introduction of products in the Initial Loads, Recharges and Downloads of the warehouse (truck), if the traceability was activated, in the field Lot Number, the button that allows to activate the barcode reader, did not work and it was necessary to enter it by hand.1.86

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