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iGes – Android 1.88 (20-2-2019)


  • New menu option Share on the preview screen of sales documents and report results, which activates the Android system's own menu that allows you to select the app with which you want to treat this document / file. Keep in mind that, in the list of apps, only applications that can handle the type of document (usually PDF or TXT) will appear. This new functionality can be used, for example, to send a PDF invoice by WhatsApp or to send the result of a report by email*, or to print a summary of expenses in a network printer that has its own app to print, etc ... * The button to send email (next to share button), uses the default system application (usually GMail). If you have another app different from Gmail, you can use this Share option to attach the file to your mail app.
  • Stability has been improved and various processes affecting Android 9 (Pie) devices have been fixed
  • Product catalog:
    • Speed and stability are improved with large-sized photos
    • The new option "Use thumbnails", allows to choose the use of thumbnails or the photo with its real dimensions. Depending on the resolution and size of your photos, the type of device (phone, tablet), the resolution of your screen and the speed of your device, you may prefer to use thumbnails (faster) or not. Try and choose the one that best suits your tastes, keeping in mind that iGes will keep your preference and when you re-open the catalog, it will respect your selection. 1.87c
  • The possibility of printing QR barcodes on reports (zReports) is enabled 1.87b
  • On the sales screen, along with the total number of lines and lines with units, the sum of the units of all the lines appears, information that can be useful in case your products have the same nature or unit of measure
  • Two new configuration options:
    • It is possible to specify what types of sales lines you have to update (add or subtract) units of stock (Gift, Bonus, Deposit, Merchandise discount and Change. If nothing is specified, the program acts as before, so that all the lines act.
    • It is possible to disable the automatic application of an Offer when a promotion is applied, so that the promotion is applied on the price of tariff and not on the price of the offer, as up to now.
    • It is necessary to activate it from the configuration options of iGesPC / iGesCL. Get in touch with the ADZ SAT for more information.

Bug fixes:

  • The entire data sending process is reviewed to make it compatible with Android 9 pie EMPRESARIAL 1.87b
  • Text reports for 30-column printers, page counters and especially the collections report are corrected 1.87c
  • In some circumstances, especially in Android 9, the link with DropBox, could be blocked
  • The cancellation of charges (multi), when specifying the payment method, the date of the promissory note could be with an incorrect format
  • When a text printer is selected in the configuration, if a PDF report was requested, when trying to save it or send it by mail the program stopped
  • Other minor bugs

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