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iGes – Android 1.89 (19-7-2019)


  • The performance of data access lists is improved, especially with products (catalogs). 1.88c
  • In the product catalog, the contextual menu of each product is activated (press and hold). 1.88c
  • On the screen of sales lines (Order / Invoice), when clicking on the product photo of a line, the photo is enlarged and allows you to view all the photos associated with the selected product. 1.88h
  • The operation of the preference "Mark with colors the existence of units in stock instead of one's own stock value" have been enabled.

Bug fixes:

  • When issuing the Warehouse Upload / Download Report, an SQL error appeared 1.88a
  • When adding products to a sale through barcodes, if the bar code contained the price, if it was the same product with different prices, the second product was added to the first by substituting the price. Now a new line is added. 1.88d
  • In the case of many promotions records, the process of preloading the consumption could be very slow. 1.88e
  • The STAR SM-L200 printer was not working properly. 1.88i
  • The preference Days of antiquities in the preload of the consumption, could not work in some devices
  • Other minor bugs

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