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iGes – Android 1.95 (29-11-2023)


  • On the data access screens, the search for records with the magnifying glass is now case insensitive. 1.94a
  • On the visits screen, the magnifying glass to search for records also acts on the Observations field. 1.94a
  • On the screen for accessing orders/delivery slips/invoices, a filter is added to be able to show only blocked records to send to the ERP. ENTERPRISE 1.94a
  • In the client history, which is accessed from the client pre-file, the records can now also be sorted by Date, by Series /number and by Amount1.94a
  • In the route tracking screen (On Route section), the clients of the route can now be sorted by the fields Business name of the client, Customer codeCityPostal Code or by Auxiliary Code1.94a
  • In data editing screens that contain many fields (customers, products and headers (orders, delivery notes, invoices)), a magnifying glass appears at the top to be able to locate a field based on its title. 1.94a
  • To the csv file that records the GPS positions of each commercial action (sale, new customer, visit and collection), unique identifiers are added at the end of the line corresponding to the records of each file (Cabeceras.GUID, Clientes.GUID, Visitas.GUID, Cobros.GUID). ENTERPRISE 1.94a
  • On the date entry screen, it is now possible to enter dates manually, typing the digits and without having to select it from a calendar. 1.94a
  • The Data Deletion section found within the Database can now be hidden to avoid accidental misuse. 1.94a
  • Blocking the introduction of documents in case the customer's risk is exceeded is now configurable for each type of sales document (Order, Delivery Note or Invoice). For Budgets, a risk exceeded warning appears, but it does not block. 1.94a
  • On the product and catalog access screens, the search (magnifying glass) can be configured so that it is also carried out through the "Description" field. This functionality is disabled by default to avoid slowing down this screen if you have many products. To activate it, you need to go to the three menu points --> Configure searches (magnifying glass) within the same screen. 1.94b
  • New configuration option that allows, if there is data pending to be sent to the center, blocking the reception of data until the sending is made. ENTERPRISE
  • Starting with this version, the charges sent to the central office can no longer be modified, but they can be consulted. ENTERPRISE
  • For users of text printers, on the screen where a sales document is displayed, there was no possibility to send the document by email. Starting with this version, it will be possible to send the document as an attachment to an email, using the default PDF template.
  • On the Orders and Quotes screen, a new filter has been added to be able to specify that only orders, quotes or both are displayed.
  • On the information screen of a product, in the Prices and discounts section when the Price Table, if there are discounts associated with the rate, two new columns Net price and Net price VAT included will appear. This screen is also accessed when entering a sale through the Product information XXX section of the contextual menu of each one of the lines.
  • On the order/delivery note/invoice access screen, a new order is addedDate of service (ascending and descending) in order to facilitate the processing of orders through this field. The service date for each record will appear in the list next to the number and/or reference.
  • For users who use traceability, a configuration option is added that allows better control of the introduction of expired lots. Thus, in the event that the expiration date is prior to the current one, iGes may Notify or Block the lot selection.


  • In the case of the same telephone number entered twice in the customer fields, when pressing the option "Call customer", the call did not occur. 1.94a
  • On some devices, the process of exporting data to another device may not work. 1.94a
  • In the process of creating a company, if the option to copy files from another company was checked, some database errors. PLUS 1.94a
  • When signing a billing document (receipt) the error "No current record has been defined for the file" could appear. 1.94b
  • In some models of Oppo and Realme brand devices with ColorOS customization layer, if a proces involved wait times more than 15 seconds can cause iGes to stop without displaying any type of error. The processes involved have been updated to minimize this problem. 1.94d
  • In a customer's offer list, if the offer was for a group of products, the product group in question was not displayed
  • iGes does not allow you to add sales documents without lines, but when editing an entered document, if all the lines were deleted, it was possible to save it. Now the program warns of this fact and prevents saving it.
  • Other minor bugs

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