• Adaptation to iOS 11: Navigation bars, titles, search bars ...
  • Barcode management: Now a product can have more than one barcode.
  • Reading of the units and the weight of a product through the barcode, it must be configured in the barcode reading mask in "Configuration and Adjustments".
  • New VAT regimeSpecial agricultural regime.
  • New field in the "Additional information" visit table.
  • iPhone: Now the fields of the logical values of the application (switches) appear in the same window, it is not necessary to go to a special screen to modify its value.
  • New STAR printer model compatible with iGes: mPOP.
  • If a document is deleted in Dropbox or the SFTP when synchronizing the associated documents it will also be deleted from the device.
  • New parameter in igesini.iniBLOQUEARMODIFICACIONPRECIOSESPECIALES to block the modification of sales prices in the lines where an offer has been applied, promotion or if it is a scandal.
  • Update the SDK for STAR, BIXOLON and ZEBRA printers to solve an error when printing with these printers in iOS 11.
  • New version of zReports (1.10):
    • Continuous paper printing: Generates a PDF by adapting the page size to the contents of the document.
    • Images (ImatgeScaleToFill): Allows you to adapt the image to the editing box of zReports or adjust the image inside the box without resizing.
  • Review of SDK version for STAR portable printers.
  • Review of SDK version for BIXOLON portable printers.
  • New models of BIXOLON compatible with iGes:
    • SPP-200III
    • SPP-R310
    • SPP-R410
  • Improved download of associated documents using Dropbox.
  • In the list of sales documents the delegation has been added, in case the document has one selected.
  • Possibility of swapping rows by columns in the values selection table for the properties (SIZE/COLOR).
  • Improved the print quality of the images when generating a PDF with the zReports.


Correction of minor bugs.