iGes is an app of Presales and Invoicing for Android and iOS

This is how iGes works

iGes Mobile Sales management for comercial agents

>> iGes is a pre-sale and billing application designed for mobile devices with iOS and Android, designed for day-to-day management of commercial agents en clients route.

>> With iGes you can easily take orders, delivery notes, invoices, introduction of visits, route tracking, collection management, expenses, etc.

>> Available in Spanish, Catalan, English and French. See an example and try it with your data.

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Key Benefits

Discover the advantages and benefits that the iGes pre-sales program can bring to your commercial visits

1. Ultra fast presales

Native applications and data in the terminals provide very fast order taking and sales management.

2. Work without internet

Offline work allows you to operate with the application without internet.

3. Multisectorials orders

Cosmetics, beverage distribution, food, ice cream, coffee, fashion products, hygiene products, SAT, Vending, etc

4. Android & iOs

Available for iOS (iPhone / iPad) or Android.

5. ERP integration

We connect with dozens of billing / ERP programs, and you can also do it with yours.

6. Adapted to any use

More than 80 configurable permissions for iGes to adapt as much as possible to its particularities and way of selling.

7. Print anywhere

Support for more than 30 professional portable bluetooth, wifi or conventional printers. Deliver hard copies of important documents to the client.

8. Record your visits on the go

Geolocation of clients and monitoring of commercial actions through GPS.

9. Sell from catalogs in PDF

Make or transfer your digital catalog in PDF to iGes. I took orders from the catalog itself interactively.

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All features


iGes takes its catalog of products always in your mobile: photos, PDFs, technical documents, video, etc. Everything well organized by families, subfamilies, brands or as you wish.

  • Rates of fixed price, variable or specific prices per client, per group of customers, by properties (sizes and colors), etc.
  • Management of fees: Waste Disposal Rate (L.E.R.), etc.
  • Stock control of the delivery vehicle (loads, downloads and reloads), traceability, TER, sizes and colors, discounts, promotions, sales rates, special prices, etc.
  • Consultation of the updated stock of the products.
  • Expiry (pack expiration date) with automatic assignment according to stock availability.


iGes allows a GPS tracking of commercial routes established from the ERP or from the terminal itself, with the possibility of forcing the introduction of the result of the visit for each client and with all the documentation and payments by hand and by day.

  • Management of collection of pending receipts & invoices (multiple, total and / or partial) and form of collection (cash, bead, card, promissory note, etc).
  • Signing of sales documents, with the possibility of sending documents to the central.
  • Issuance of sales documents (budget, order, delivery note or invoice) to PDF file to be sent to the client by email.
  • Minimum sales prices for each product, to avoid the sale of products below this price, taking into account the discounts.
  • Costs and individual benefits per sale, with the possibility of hiding them according to user or device


Manage your sales with all the information of your customers at hand: invoices, budgets, orders, delivery notes, conditions and special prices, consumption, pending charges, etc.

  • Sales management of products with traceability data and / or sales price included in the bar code itself, to streamline the sales process.
  • Sale by units, boxes, containers, kilos, liters or any combination of them.
  • Sale of products by surface and / or volume by entering length, width and thickness.
  • Sale of scanned products, composed of other products, with individual prices for each one or for the whole group.


Every customer is a world. Choose the best way to sell according to the customer: From the catalog, from the customer's consumption, individual by barcode reader or device camera, in fast mode, assisted by voice, etc.

  • Specific discounts for customer, family, brand and automatic management of discounts and promotions type 2 × 1.
  • Automatic application of Offers and Promotions according to family, subfamily, brand and / or group of clients.
  • Managing Fertilizers, Gifts, Bonuses, Deposits, Merchandise discounts and changes to the sales lines.
  • Control of customer risk in sales with the possibility of blocking by different criteria (amount, unpaid receipts, delinquency ...) or requesting authorization from the central.

INTEGRATED TO YOUR ERP (only with the Business plan)

iGes connects with the main ERP billing programs in the market, synchronizing data with your mobile device via FTP, LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, DropBox, etc. iGes adapts to your needs and synchronizes perfectly with the Factusol billing program in Windows for both Android and iOS.

Consult the complete list of compatible ERPs and if you can not find your billing program, ask us for information without any commitment.

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