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If you want to invoice directly from the tablet without a billing program on a PC, choose FREE, BASIC or PLUS PLAN according to your needs (see the pricing table). If you have a billing / ERP program and you want to connect it with iGes, you need the BUSINESS PLAN (for more than one device)
With the iGesFree you can only enter / issue invoices and sales documents in PDFs.

iGes is designed for mobile devices (smartphones, smartphones, tablets or industrial PDAs) with Android or iOS operating systems (iPhone / iPad).

iGes connects with most of the ERP and commercial management / billing programs in the market. Check our list of connectors to see if your program is among them. If not, you can contact with our technical department and we will help you make the connection.

Yes, we can make a study / estimate of the connector and if necessary contact us with the manufacturer of your program to make the connection. Consult us without any obligation.

In addition to the "main photo", each product can store different images (JPG, PNG, GIF ...), PDF's, texts, documents, videos ... and can display them in different formats (columns) to better adapt it to each terminal.

iGes can work with any screen size: from 4 "phones to 10" tablets. A larger screen, larger letters, but greater weight of the device. It is best to try the program on different platforms and sizes before choosing.

Yes it is. iGes is designed to work off-line (disconnected from central) to guarantee the use of the program anywhere, without internet (in the countryside, in villages, in basements, in warehouses without coverage, etc ...)

When you have internet connection, just press "Send Data" so that the data is updated and the new customer is sent to the central.

You can download the demo versions of Google Play (Android) or AppStore (iPhone / iPad) or from our website, which includes a small sample database to perform as many tests as you deem appropriate.

Yes. Contact us and we will provide you with a full temporary license so that, without any commitment, you can do the actual tests you need before deciding.

Yes, but to synchronize data it is necessary to have an ERP program that takes care of it.

Check the programs that connect iGes, there are even free.

Unfortunately we do not have our own management program (we have specialized in App's for mobile devices), please call us and we will be able to advise you the one that best suits your needs.

Portable, belt, matrix, injection thermal ...


Different widths of paper, pre-cut, A4, iGes adapts to any type and size both by Bluetooth and by Wifi.


Within portable professional printers, iGes is adapted for various models of the DATEX brands (DPP-250, DPP-350 and DPP-450), STAR (DP8340, SM-S220I, SM-T300I, SM-T400I), ZEBRA ( iMZ220 and iMZ320), as well as any compatible printer "AirPrint" or "Google Cloud Printer".


For more information, consult the Help Center

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