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iGes – Android 1.90 (27-7-2021)


  • The application's appearance has been updated and the screens have been adapted to the Gogle "material design":
    • New side menu with access to all the application options
    • New control panel with shortcuts, counters, information, summaries, etc ... From "Configuration and settings", in the "Main screen" section you can choose between this new control panel and the old options menu (Classic menu)
    • All graphics and icons have been renewed
    • The button to add records disappears from the upper bar and is placed in the lower right corner of the different screens
    • The options menu and the buttons on the top bar of the windows are adapted to the specifications set by google.
    • The search options (magnifying glass) are activated through the new menu item "Configure Searches"
    • In the data access screens, the vertical colored bars corresponding to different states of the records (Delinquency, Pending, Received ...) become colored text tickets for better identification
    • The sales screen has also been modernized with the following changes:
      • As far as possible, material design (Google) apperance are applied
      • The options of the upper bar and menu have been reorganized to clarify their functions and facilitate their use
      • In the menu of this screen there is a new option "Configuration and settings" to be able to adapt the operating mode of this screen to your preferences (Search modes, add button, sort, etc ...)
      • The floating button to add new lines appears in the lower right part, and its situation and operation can be modified from the "Configuration and Settings" section of this same screen.
      • Unlike previous versions, to select the display with photos of the products, it must be done from the "Configuration and Settings" screen
      • New bottom navigation bar: The adaptation to material design (Google) leaves the space of the upper bar very reduced for the different options, so to facilitate the work there is the possibility of activating a Lower Navigation Bar, which you can configure to your liking within the "Configuration and settings" section of this screen: you can choose the options you prefer and order them according to your preferences
      • When editing a sale, a new option appears in the "load pre-consumption" menu to be able to reload the products consumed by the customer in the lines of the document
  • The reading of products by barcodes in GS1-128 format (old EAN128) is enabled, automatically completing in a single reading weight, lot, expiration date and units
  • Possibility of indicating the product corresponding to logistics costs, as well as the minimum amount not to apply it ENTERPRISE
  • When adding an expense it is possible to take a photo of the ticket / receipt or invoice and send it to the central for processing
  • Two new printers are added: "Generica ESC/POS (bluetooth)" and "Zebra ZQ520"
  • The program is adapted to the new specifications, permissions and security system of Android 10 and 11

Bug fixes:

  • Reading of barcodes with the device's camera has been corrected to be able to do it with the device in landscape
  • Push notifications may not work on some devices 1.89b
  • On the billing screen, the query of the totals now takes into account the active filter 1.89b
  • When printing a PDF document, a message could appear indicating that the minimum version is 4.4 (KitKat) preventing the action 1.89g
  • Cents mismatches are corrected in the calculations of the totals of the sales headers when a global trade discount was indicated for the document and / or a prompt payment discount 1.89i
  • In the introduction of a sale, having the photos activated, the color indicators that indicate the age of the sale in the consumption preload, were not shown 1.89j
  • When adding a new sale, if the preference "Preload all products regardless of whether they have been consumed or not" was checked, an error would appear and the program would stop 1.89l
  • The program is adapted to the new DropBox specifications to be able to synchronize the images of the products through this service 1.89m
  • The preference "When making a sale, show the header data of the sale first" does not work ba 1.89o
  • The multiple sending of sales documents by email, only sent the first 1.89o
  • The selection of a sale price in the sales lines by means of the magnifying glass, could not work and it was necessary to do it twice 1.89o
  • By having the preference marked "In sales, initialize Prix with the last sale price of the customer that has been sold to him" if the last sold price of the product was zero, it assigned the general rate price. From this version on, if the last price is zero, zero will be assigned 1.89o
  • Specific profiles by company are activated 1.89o
  • Minor bug fixes

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