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iGes – iOS 1.90 (29-4-2021)


  • The application's appearance has been updated:
    • New side menu with access to all the application options.
    • New control panel with shortcuts, counters, information, summaries, etc ... From "Configuration and settings", in the "Main screen" section you can choose between this new control panel and the old options menu (Classic menu).
    • All graphics and icons have been renewed.
    • The button to add records disappears from the upper bar and is placed in the lower right corner of the different screens.
    • In the data access screens, the vertical colored bars corresponding to different states of the records (Delinquency, Pending, Received ...) become colored text tickets for better identification.
    • The appearance of the product catalog has been modernized.
    • The height of the cells of the lists adjusts to the content, now the labels can occupy up to 2 lines of detail.
    • The calculator design has been modified and made larger for iPhones.


  • Correction of minor bugs.

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